About Me

DSC_0465-2Artist, Counselor, Woman…Simply, Human…

I decided my website would be more than just a way to promote my counseling practice. I want it to also feature aspects of my personal life by presenting my artwork, thoughts, etc. I have always found it challenging trying to describe myself. Especially on a website promoting my business, it is typically expected that I share the most positive, confident picture of myself. I am much more about being vulnerable and authentic. Don’t get me wrong, I am well trained, skilled, and assured of my counseling capabilities. I am blessed with much compassion and mercy for others. I know my strengths, and I know my limitations. I am an artist, counselor, woman…..but, more simply, human.  I have wrestled with scars from my story, insecurities, fears, and damaging responses in my life.  Though these things can pop up in my life occasionally, my healing has and continues to provide more clarity around who I really am.  This allows me to enjoy the “here and now” and others more fully. So, if our lives intersect in any capacity, professionally or personally, I can’t promise I will always get it right, but what I can promise is I am committed to continued healing and growth.

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