Art That Makes Me Smile Show

The Barefoot Spa did it again!  It was another fun holiday art show.  The Barefoot Spa is located at 801 Virginia Avenue, Orlando, Florida.  The show will be on display there through January.  So, stop by and see the fabulous art, and inquire about The Barefoot Spa services.

I was pleased to be among 19 artists who submitted 4 to 6 pieces of art.  All of the pieces were 12 x 18 or smaller. Below are the pieces I submitted.  You can purchase them at The Barefoot Spa or by clicking the links below.  [If you are local, I am happy to deliver them to you so opt out of the shipping.]  For any questions:  407-948-9262 or

The other featured artists were:
Heather Drucker
Heather Ashworth Pereira
Jack Void
Gretchen Raymond Smith
Parker Sketch
Debbie Hereford Miller
Brian Miller
Doona Calhoun
Bethany Taylor Myers
Cake Marques
Galina Crosby
Crystal Dombrosky
Susan Gromala Crary
Kelly Berry
Adrienne H. Lee
Libby Smith
Natalija Navaras
Rya Kukina