Grateful for My Clients

I am so grateful for my Rapid Resolution Therapy clients, and for the special priviledge of witnessing and being part of their transformative experience. Rapid Resolution Therapy®, created and developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is an integrative approach that clears the negative effects of trauma stemming from any painful life experience. Whether you are experiencing effects of trauma, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, guilt, shame, or something else, we can get things working to your best advantage. Click Schedule and Register forRead more

Freed From Metaphorical Chains of Trauma

“It was a little bit over a year ago since I had my RRT session with Denise! At the time I was very much in crisis mode and felt hopeless and helpless. After only two sessions not only did I feel better, I was able to work through some long held negative beliefs! It literally felt like I was freed from some metaphorical chains. Since that year I have gotten significantly better and have used her tools along with othersRead more

Sometimes You Need to Look At Life Through A Different Perspective

Is there an aspect of your life that just isn’t as clear as you would like? Then contact me and let’s get things working even better for you. I specialize in Rapid Resolution Therapy®, created by Dr. Jon Connelly. This brilliant approach causes a shift in how the unconscious mind processes information. It not only shifts perspective, it creates automatic and lasting improvements in emotions and behavior. My clients tell me it is painless, effective and even sometimes fun! ItRead more

No Longer A Victim of My Past

“RRT with Denise Kirsop has changed my life. I am no longer a victim of my past! RRT with Denise Kirsop is an enjoyable and totally positive experience! Doing RRT has given me the positive healing experience I always hoped to have from my long tenure as a traditional therapy client!“   If you are struggling like my client was, let’s make an appointment for a Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) session. When something painful or disturbing is experienced, it canRead more

Trauma, Guilt & Shame Eliminated with RRT

“I really wanted this therapy to work but I was a little nervous because it was so different. I can say it was the best investment of my time and money…I felt freed from a struggle that has been in my life for decades. I would highly recommend this therapy and Denise!“   Like my client, your life can be different too, happier. If you are struggling, let’s make an appointment for a Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) session.  It isRead more

Come to My Open House/Studio Tour……I Am Stop #1 on The Florida Arts Tour

The Florida Arts Tour has expanded their Off The Beaten Path Art Tour to include Orange County. Last year, I had the pleasure of being a guest artist at Michele Pasternak’s studio, Wekiva River Arts Studio on the Lake County Tour. This year, I am thrilled to announce I will be Stop #1 on the Orange County Tour! It is so exciting. My studio and artwork will be open to view. I might even get a chance for a littleRead more

RRT One-Day Small Group Intensive with Dr. Jon Connelly & Denise Kirsop, LMHC

I am pleased to announce, Dr. Jon Connelly, my mentor and founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy, has agreed to co-facilitate an RRT one-day small group intensive with me.  Each participant will have the opportunity to address individual issues.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have time with Dr. Connelly. I can’t say enough about his ability to create healing and transformation in people’s lives.   RRT has had a profound effect on me personally, as well as professionally.  I haveRead more

Driving Anxiety Eliminated with RRT

“Denise has helped me immensely with driving anxiety/panic attacks. I actually feel an overall lower level of general anxiety after my RRT session. I realize now how much the driving anxiety preoccupied my mind since I had no choice but to drive every day, all the while in a state of sheer panic. Within one session, my mind just stopped going to the place it went that caused my panic attacks while driving. My level of anxiety while driving hasRead more

Trauma Affecting Music Performance, Healed with RRT

““I suffered a recent traumatic event that was sabotaging my music performances. After many years of successful performances, I shut down in public, and could not even breathe to play the instrument. This was humiliating and frustrating. To further complicate the issues, I was beating myself up over it! I had one RRT session with Denise Kirsop and immediately felt so much better. RRT helped resolve an event that she explained was “stuck” in my mental processing. I feel freeRead more

Healing with Rapid Resolution Therapy

“I connected with Denise some time ago through a referral and will never forget calling her in my driveway that day broken and torn in a relationship. I immediately felt the heart of a counselor who truly cared about my individual happiness. After some stressful couples sessions, followed by individual sessions. I began to understand in the one-on-one’s how toxic my relationship was and had negatively changed my character from who I truly am. Thank you so much Denise forRead more