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My passion is helping people live their lives to the fullest: healthy, secure, happy, optimal. This is good for the individual, their relationships, and the whole world.

I specialize in Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT), created by Dr. Jon Connelly. I initially began training in RRT to add to my practice as an additional approach with clients, particularly those experiencing negative effects from trauma. However, after further training, and incredible results with clients, I decided to specialize in RRT. Clients have responded so well to this approach. They also are pleased it is a brief approach. They will not be staying in counseling for an indefinite amount of time. Transformation is intended to be experienced even in the first session. Click here for details about RRT, as well as comments from clients that have experienced RRT with me.

I work with preteens, teens, individual adults and couples who are “stuck” with one of life’s many problems:

    • relationship issues
    • anxiety
    • PTSD
    • sexual trauma
    • grief
    • heartbreak
    • low self-esteem
    • anger / resentment
    • addiction
    • childhood abuse
    • fears and phobias
    • guilt / shame
    • chronic pain

What Others Say

One of the most helpful ways to get a clear picture of a counselor’s approach and services is to hear what others say. Click the links below for comments from others’ experience with Rapid Resolution Therapy, me, or my counseling practice:

What My Clients Say About Rapid Resolution Therapy

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    • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Florida #MH11578
    • Master of Arts in Counseling, Reformed Theological Seminary, Oviedo, FL
    • Certified Rapid Resolution Therapy® Specialist
    • Rapid Resolution Therapy® Associate Trainer