Driving Anxiety Eliminated with RRT

Denise has helped me immensely with driving anxiety/panic attacks. I actually feel an overall lower level of general anxiety after my RRT session. I realize now how much the driving anxiety preoccupied my mind since I had no choice but to drive every day, all the while in a state of sheer panic. Within one session, my mind just stopped going to the place it went that caused my panic attacks while driving. My level of anxiety while driving has also gradually reduced since our session one week ago and I have found myself relaxing and actually enjoying driving at times, once again. I had to drive on the highway to get to my first session with Denise and I arrived at her office shaking and crying. By the end of our session, we were able to drive together on a major highway and I just couldn’t panic, which was wonderful. RRT absolutely works, it’s like a switch in my brain got turned off. I will absolutely be seeking out therapy with Denise in the future if needed.”  

Like my client, your life can be different too, happier. If you are struggling, let’s make an appointment for a Rapid Resolution Therapy session.  I have chosen Rapid Resolution Therapy as my specialization because of how effective and fast it helps my clients.

When something painful or disturbing is experienced, it can slam into awareness leaving a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished, deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the disturbing event is still occurring.  Even experiences that have been forgotten can continue to exert a negative influence.  By eliminating the ongoing influence of past events, blocked energy is released, healing occurs and change is automatic.

I specialize in Rapid Resolution Therapy. As an RRT therapist I believe it is up to me, not the client, to create the transformation. The client is discouraged to engage in introspection or self analysis. This can sometimes keep people stuck. If you have been struggling with effects of trauma, I hope you will contact me or another RRT therapist. Life can be different, happier!

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