Freed From Metaphorical Chains of Trauma

“It was a little bit over a year ago since I had my RRT session with Denise! At the time I was very much in crisis mode and felt hopeless and helpless. After only two sessions not only did I feel better, I was able to work through some long held negative beliefs! It literally felt like I was freed from some metaphorical chains. Since that year I have gotten significantly better and have used her tools along with others to dramatically improve my life! I enjoy knowing that there is something that really helps your brain process though trauma and other issues in such a quick way.”

When something painful or disturbing is experienced, it can slam into awareness leaving a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished, deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the disturbing event is still occurring.  Even experiences that have been forgotten can continue to exert a negative influence.  By eliminating the ongoing influence of past events, blocked energy is released, healing occurs and change is automatic.

Rapid Resolution Therapy®, created and developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is an integrative approach that clears the negative effects of trauma stemming from any painful life experience. Whether you are experiencing effects of trauma, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, guilt, shame, or something else, we can get things working to your best advantage.

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