Gallery 244 at FAVO

This was the first time I had a whole room for an art showing, and it was at First Friday at FAVO (Faith Arts Village of Orlando), which is where I showed my art for the very first time in October 2016.  What a fun night!  Many of the people I met were visiting FAVO for the first time.  I am so glad more people are finding out about this art gem.  It is such a fun event.  I had great conversations about my art, met many interesting people, sold art, and was invited to an invitation-only art show featuring 10 artists (taking place in February).  I also served yummy hot chocolate and coffee because it was a pretty chilly night.  The whole night was a total success and so much fun!!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Thanks to Samantha Shumaker for inviting me to show my art in her room, Gallery 244.  Thanks to Dan Compton for a couple of the pics below.