Office Info


Effective February 2020……I moved into a new suite in my building.  My new suite number is 318.  

924 North Magnolia Avenue, Suite 318, Orlando, FL 32803

There is a large parking lot behind my building as well as a few parking spaces in front of my building. There is no charge for the parking. You can access the parking lot via Weber Street. If you are traveling on North Magnolia it will be the first left past my building. You then take another left into the parking lot. You can also access the back parking lot via Pasadena which is the street right before my building as you are traveling on Magnolia (between Marks Street Senior Center and my building). If you are traveling west on I-4, you would exit at Lake Ivanhoe, cross the railroad tracks, and take a left on Weber, and then right just before Magnolia Avenue.

The doors are locked on the weekends and after 7 pm at night during the week. If you have an appointment during locked door times then you will text me at 407-948-9262 upon your arrival and I will meet you at the door.

You can wait outside the elevators on the third floor and I will come out to greet you. You are also welcome to wait in the lobby area on the 1st floor and text me when you arrive. Text me at 407-948-9262.

I have water, coffee, or tea available if you would like any during our sessions. Just please let me know if you would like anything.

If you are paying by check, please have the check completed before our session and made payable to Denise Kirsop, LLC. Cash is also accepted.

To save time at your appointment, please add your card info before our session. Log into the client portal, click on the Billing Icon, click on Manage Cards, click on Add New Card and enter your info. I will only be able to see the last four digits of your card.   
Click: client portal