Story of My Counseling Logo

Growing Secure Relationships, 2015

I created this painting through a discovery process.  I did not start painting with a tree in mind.  The process began with writing words on a blank canvas about who I am as a human, woman, and counselor, and what I offer the world.  Then I added patches of color over the words.  Then there were multiple layers of color and shapes added, creating chaos and drama to the canvas.  Each layer added more to the story, until this tree emerged.  This is a great picture of the counseling process. I help clients get clear of the chaos, drama and often trauma of their stories so that beauty and what is optimal emerges.  The fruit of this shift is more vibrant, colorful, secure relationships with self and others.  So, I decided my painting would become my logo for my counseling practice.

Here are some pics of this painting in progress: