Gift A Therapy Session To Someone

Give the gift of an RRT Session….give clarity, peace and excitement to someone!

Find it tricky to recommend counseling to someone?  Then skip that step altogether and let me handle it for you. Gift a session to someone and I will contact them, let them know they have been gifted a session, and set the appointment. No problem if you prefer to remain anonymous. (just indicate which you prefer at checkout) Also, I will use precise language to let them know how great this is for them. Also, Rapid Resolution Therapy is fast, effective, and lasting. Typically 1-3 sessions.

If you prefer to tell the person you have purchased their session, I can provide a gift certificate for you to give to them. Click on the following items within the cart to get all details.

If you prefer to first contact me with questions, call or text at 407-948-9262, or email me at