Register and Schedule RRT Session

About the RRT Sessions

Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT), founded and developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is a brief therapy.  Sometimes people will meet with me for one single RRT session.  Depending on the situation, we may find it beneficial to meet 1-2 more times.  I do not do on-going therapy, traditional talk therapy.  However, you are welcome to return as often as valuable for what my clients refer to as a “tune up” or to apply RRT to another issue.  It will always be my goal that we accomplish as much as possible, as quickly as possible.  For couples, there are typically more sessions involved.  A plan will be made during consultation.

My typical initial RRT session last 2-3 hours.

Register and Complete Forms (New Clients)

1.  Register in the Client Portal:   Click Here To Register and provide the requested information.
2.  Check for Email With Subject: “Login for Denise Kirsop, LMHC”: Click on the link in the email to return you to the client portal login page and use the username/password info provided in this email.  You will then be prompted to change your password. 
3.  Complete Forms in the Client Portal:  The required forms will pop up for you to complete when you log into the client portal at this point (i.e, Informed Consent, Intake Form, etc.).
4.  Add Card Info To Client PortalYou will be prompted to add your debit, credit, or HSA card info to the client portal.  If you wish to use another form of payment please let me know (and skip this step).
5.  Read This Before Session:  Zoom Session Preparation
6.  Set Appointment:  Once you have registered and completed forms, I will provide my availability for you to select an appointment time.  Feel free to contact me (via email, phone or text) to let me know optimal days and times for your schedule.  When possible, I like to  accommodate.


If you aren’t ready to schedule a session, would like to speak with me about what you would like our meeting to address, or if you have questions just email, phone or text me.  I do offer 15 minute phone or Zoom consultation calls.

Phone/Text:  407-948-9262