What My Clients Say About Rapid Resolution Therapy

“Denise was great! She was a great listener and made it fun to go back in my past. With her I was able to reprogram moments in my past that used to be negative to be positive or neutral. Time with her was most definitely useful and has a positive impact on my life. Thank you Denise for being there for me!!”

“Traditional therapy reinforced my victimization. I believed there was something fundamentally wrong with me for getting myself into the circumstance as well as not being able to let go of the trauma. Being labeled as codependent left me feeling doomed to repeat my past relationships. RRT released the past, allowing me to focus on the now. Amazing experience.”

“I have struggled with anxiety about driving after having 3 accidents in the past year. Denise helped me to visualize the foolishness of centering on things that do not have control over my thoughts, my life.”

“It was really surprising how the simple visual and tactile was helpful in relieving my anxiety.”

“I knew I didn’t want to do one more round of ‘talk’ therapy. It was a welcome change to have Denise do most of the talking. I felt extremely at ease and comfortable with Denise leading and asking me questions. Especially because it is so difficult to talk about my trauma. The technique that was used gave me a sense of empowerment and hope. I am very grateful that I tried RRT with Denise.”

“RRT is something completely new that I had no idea if it would be helpful to me. It was very different than anything I have done and I still have a hard time explaining it to other people. I feel like the benefits were instant for the most part. Now when I find myself getting sad or anxious I take myself back to the things we did in the session and it helps tremendously. I would recommend this therapy to many people that feel stuck due to something traumatic.”

“RRT is by far the best experience I have had with therapy. It’s not like traditional counseling and I like that aspect of it. I enjoy how it targets the subconscious and brings you into a trance like state. It can be compared to a hypnosis. What used to anger me to the core no longer does, and I no longer hold onto any negative experiences. This is helping me strive to live the best possible life that I deserve to have. Denise’s main goal is to make sure you have a positive experience with RRT and that you feel amazing afterwards. I can confidently say I feel freed from my anxiety and depression. For some people, RRT may work right away and for others, it is a settling process. Mine is an ongoing process as I still feel my brain cleansing itself. It’s such a relieving feeling. I would recommend Denise to anyone and everyone who is suffering with some memories and mental illness. Her kind words and smile fills the room with joy, and she is so positive! She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and her RRT is just beyond incredible!“

“Denise made me feel very comfortable from the moment we began talking. I had 2 sessions with Denise, and I would say about an hour and a half total of RRT. I was suffering from deep trauma from rape and abuse that was still causing nightmares many years later. My conscious mind was not accepting “the good news” that I am now in a healthy supportive relationship and that I am no longer a victim. RRT has helped my subconscious receive this good news and consciously I am no longer focusing energy on the past. My dreams are a lot better now and I feel better during the day as well.”

“Overall, my experience with RRT was positive. I had 2 sessions and after each session I was able to seamlessly engage situations where I previously experienced physiological responses that hindered me (feeling frozen inside and unable to verbalize). It’s been such a gift to feel free and empowered because my body isn’t high jacking things anymore! The sessions felt silly at times but it worked. I didn’t understand how, and it seemed a little too good to be true, that it could work after the years I put into talk therapy, but the results I experienced are real. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“Denise and RRT helped me clear a lot of debilitating life-long trauma in only two sessions where years of traditional talk therapy had failed. It’s a powerful shift that can’t be verbalized and intellectualized that traditional talk therapy likes to do. It works on the depths and layers that can only be said is remarkable in its results for me. It has restored me to parts of myself I didn’t know were there. Healing grief, anger and trauma that blocked me and held me back. I feel reborn in every sense of the word.”

“It isn’t just the feeling after the therapy, but how it continues. I was in a situation where I was paid a compliment by my husband saying you’re an interesting person. I immediately said, “No, I’m not!” I then stopped and restated, “You know, I am an interesting person.” The rest of the day was amazing. I am finding more happiness in my life that I never dreamed possible.”

“Denise is my counselor who has been working miracles for me with RRT. Every session is successful. I never thought in my life I would be free of many of the issues she has made go away in one session. I have been to lots of counseling in my life but this is totally different. It’s not just talking about things and coming up with solutions. I highly recommend RRT and if you are in Orlando see Denise. She is an amazingly effective therapist.”

“I had experienced many traditional therapeutic techniques in the past, which often left me feeling more traumatized and disheartened. RRT has helped me in so many ways to positively live my life to the fullest. I am incredibly thankful for my therapy and will continue to use it going forward.”

At first I was not sure how this would help but soon after as many as 1 session I was able to deal with a conflict in my life, process it, and handle the conflict in an effective manner.”

“I am 51 and have been seeing counselors since I was 19. On and off my entire life I have dealt with depression and anxiety and woken up in a horrible state of mind best described as dread, anxiousness and depression. After RRT I no longer wake up in that state. My depression and anxiety are considerably less. I am at a challenging time in my life dealing with having lost my job and having aging parents to care for so I think it is natural that I still have some moments of anxiety but I can usually put it in perspective and not shut down like I used to.”

“Rapid Resolutions Therapy is a hands on approach unlike traditional counseling where the work feels relatively effortless yet the results are long lasting. Without a doubt we are in part a product of our conditioned experiences; RRT works through these conditioned experiences that hinder our lives and help us find more functional ways by gently clearing out negative feedback our brain receives and updating our minds with new information.”

“I would say that this therapy works because of the way the power or energy is the focus more than the experiences. I feel as I was introduced to it I was more comfortable, I did not want this time to be a focus of what I had experienced but rather the power and energy I had to stand on my own.”

“I love this so much that as an upcoming counselor I am looking forward to getting trained to use it in my journey as being a helper. Also what I love and think will work for others as it worked well for myself is that no matter how much you want to change it is natural to still have defense mechanisms. The way it is explained and the hands on exercises made me feel like it was such a more simpler change that I didn’t have to figure it out and I was completely understood which meant the world to me especially given the circumstances.”