What Others Say

“Denise is an amazing therapist. She is curious, empathetic, and has a positive energy. She truly cares about her clients, and she is thoughtful and observant.

One of the unique things about Denise is the way she is reflective about her own services. She’s willing to adapt her practice to work with you and your needs. This openness to feedback is so rare. It’s inspiring to see the way she is constantly learning and improving herself.

In therapy, working on both current symptoms and the underlying causes of those issues is challenging, but Denise balances this tension beautifully. We weaved in and out of both the old and new problems in my life every session.

For instance, I was dealing with a great deal of anxiety, that would manifest in panic attacks and sleepless nights. Some of the underlying reasons for that were not feeling a sense of safety as a child and attachment issues with my parents. By talking things out with Denise, I was able to strategize on ways to cope, while also processing those deep issues.

During the year and a half I worked with Denise, I completely changed my life. When I started therapy, I was overweight, recently divorced, and just coming out of a crippling depression. I saw her twice a week and a year and a half later, I was 40 pounds lighter, engaged to an incredible man, and feeling happier than I had in my entire life. I was also accomplishing goals I’d had for years and overcoming my creative blocks.

I would recommend Denise to anyone looking for a deep and lasting change. She won’t solve all your problems for you, you have to do that. But she will offer you a strong support, insights, and help while you work together and collaboratively make your life truly great.”

 K – 30 yr old female client


“Our favorite thing about working with Denise is that we never felt she was trying to find out “who was wrong” during a conflict. We could easily share our truest thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment, condemnation or embarrassment. She provided a safe and accepting environment so we could learn to see through the conflict to the heart of the other person and resolve our differences with love and respectfulness. We cannot give her a higher recommendation as a marriage counselor……….In fact, she might be a little too good because now, at ages 40 and 42, we are pregnant with our third child. We consider this 100 percent her fault. She really should put out some kind of disclaimer.”

 J & S

“Denise has been able to assist me and my daughters through a very traumatic time through our therapy sessions. She has provided a comfortable, safe environment for us to talk and open up. It has been very difficult for us to trust anybody enough to discuss our issues, but Denise has gained our trust, respect and allowed us to feel comfortable opening up. Denise is very compassionate, engaging and fun. We have never enjoyed counseling before, but now we look forward to our sessions. My daughters love the interactive sessions, games and activities. They enjoy going and can’t wait to tell Denise what has happened in their lives since their last session. We look forward to discussing any obstacles, or concerns and feeling better after confiding in Denise.”

 Mother — 7 and 14 year old female clients

“Denise was extremely helpful when my teenage son was feeling depressed with thoughts of suicide. She was able to help him with clear and concise steps for both of us to follow. I can honestly say that my son is now feeling more self-assured and is happy again. If you are struggling with your teenager, I would highly recommend seeking Denise’s help.

 Mother — 16 year old male client

“As a fellow therapist, I have always been impressed with how dedicated Denise has been to developing her skill in working with couples, relationship dynamics, and attachment. She has invested much of her professional development time and energy in being trained to serve couples well. She is passionate about seeing individuals, couples, and families grow in secure attachment. All of these elements, combined with her professional experience, make Denise a powerful agent for genuine love, intimacy and connection for her clients.”

 Debbie Miller, LMHC, CDWF-Consultant — Colleague

“Denise is a compassionate therapist. She works hard to serve her clients well. She maintains a high standard of integrity and is continually growing in her profession as a Counselor.”

 Curtis McGown, LMHC — Clinical Supervisor


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