I Will Match Every Pre-Purchased Session In December

It is the season for giving more, so, here is my gift to you…….I WILL MATCH every session (or partial session) you pre-purchase this month (December). The purchase (or my match) can be for yourself or a gift to someone else, and can be used whenever you like. This offer even applies to current clients. You pre-purchase during December, you get more session time. Click here to purchase.

If it is a gift and you want it to be anonymous add the details in the comments section of the purchase or contact me directly with the details. I will contact the person so you don’t have to.

This offer is for any session, including couples. Essentially, you pre-purchase and I match it! Feel free to let friends, family or colleagues know about the offer. Here is a link to my Facebook page that you could forward as well: https://www.facebook.com/DeniseKirsop.LMHC/

You can also share via one of the buttons to the left.

Happy Holidays!